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Legal Nurse Consultant

Professional Medical Record Review and Analysis Saves Time and Money

Lifa's Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is passionate about providing legal nurse consulting services to help bridge the gap between the legal process, healthcare and patient outcomes. My firm specializes in medical records review and analysis for the retaining counsel.  I am dedicated to helping attorneys better understand the medical record by utilizing more than a decade long clinical expertise.  I can educate attorneys regarding medical terminology, medical abbreviations, and can decipher whether there were any deviations in standard of care.

My firm provides a full suite of consulting services ranging from my knowledge of emergency room and trauma nursing, surgical site infections, workers compensation, personal injury, product liability, regulatory compliance and adherence to standards in medical malpractice cases. Deposition preparation, expert witness location and expert witness services can be easily provided should you need them. 

Lifa's Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is dedicated to helping attorneys with the complexities of medical care and ensuring that their clients receive optimal outcomes.

I strive to provide excellent services, accurate information and timely communication with each case I work on. I will personally ensure the accuracy of my work, so you can rest assured that your cases will be handled professionally, efficiently and with the utmost integrity.

If you're looking for an experienced legal nurse consulting firm to help you navigate the medical complexities of your case, look no further than Lifa's Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC. If exceptional legal nurse services are what you need, give Noma Lifa, MSN BSN LNC RN a call today!

Noma - Lead Legal Nurse Consultant
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